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Chassis Replacement

Having fitted a new chassis to over 210 cars and vans, Jeff Colmer is well experienced in the job. Each car that is fitted with a new chassis, will also be fitted with a new lower bulkhead as standard. The bulkhead is the area of the bodyshell which is in direct contact with the chassis and much of the strength of the vehicle is in this area. It is almost certain that a car with a corroded chassis will also have a corroded bulkhead. Other jobs done as standard when fitting a new chassis are.. Replacement of front to rear brake pipe, fitting of new superior body mounting foam, removal, checking, cleaning and lubrication of knife edges, lubrication of suspension cylinders, fitting of fuel gauge sender, and full anti corrosion protective treatment to the underside of the vehicle before refitting of the bodyshell.


We also offer a rebuild service that can be designed to meet the financial requirements of the customer. Whether you require a top of the range full rebuild or a partial rebuild, we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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