Totally 2CV

About Us

Upon leaving school, Jeff Colmer started an apprenticeship at a local garage. After several years in the trade he left to become a lorry driver, returning to his original chosen profession only after acquiring his first 2CV. Jeff was offered a job at TPV, a well respected 2CV specialist workshop and was soon rebuilding 2CVs to a high standard. When TPV finished trading in 1995, he went on to open Totally 2CV and soon established a reputation for quality service at a reasonable price

2CV Exploits

Jeff, along with his partner Nicki, have been prominent in the 2CV world for many years. Among the big events they have attended are the last ten World Meetings and twenty one French Nationals. They made their way to these in their now famous blue Dyane which has recently been rebuilt at the Totally 2CV workshop. The two of them, along with Ada Yerbury, were founders of the local group The SAD OFF PISTE DUCKS and many hours are spent organising events and producing the club's twenty page magazine.

Jeff's Cars

Jeff and Nicki have a collection of seven 'A' series cars of their own and do not own any other make or type of vehicle.
Their collection is made up of an early 1953 model, a 1976 2CV4 Special, a 1976 AK400 van, a yellow and black Charleston, a 1982 Dyane 6, 1983 multi coloured 2CV which began life as a white special and a plums and custard which is due to be restored .

Hours of business

Monday to Friday 11.00am to 5pm (No break for lunch. Saturday by appointment.
The workshop may not be manned periodically due to MOTs or Recovery Service, but a message can be left on the answer phone

Jeff Colmer is.... Totally 2CV

01794 367766